The Ultra High Definition Project (2024)

--- Important Update: For the current state of this mod please refer to my sticky comment in the comment section of this mod! ---

Welcome the Ultra High Definition Project!

What does this mod do?

This mod is kinda like a collection of texture mods wich enhance the ingame texturesenormously. The normal, standard textures have an lame resultion from 256x256 up to 1K like 1024x1024. After some testing i figuredout that the maximal resolution i can make an textures is exactly 4K (4096x4096). Interestinglythats the highest possible, the back converting to xbm already fails if you try 4097x4097. Thats why I testet a lotfor this mod and I hope it was worth it! :)

This mod is made to get the best out of the Witcher 3 texture quality, if your pc isn´t that powerful as a NASA super computer please use the following alternatives:
Ultra Realistic Environment And LightbyJack3459- only change of brightness and contrast of textures
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked ProjectbyHalk Hogan PL- slightly better textures with no/little performancecost

So every texture I touch gets at least 4K resolution and a little brightness and contrast correction from myself.

There are two file types in my mod wich I will now explain here:

First: Totally new remade texture. This textures profit from a true 4K resolution, custom self made or download textures from the web, contrast and brightness correction and are some ones wich you really see the difference ingame. A example on image number 3.

Secound: Just a small retouch for textures wich are already there in a high/good resolution. This files profit from 4K up-scaling via Photoshop (like upscaling 1080p to 4K on TVs etc. -> see on image number 2 my testing result 2K face upscailing to 4K) but aren´t of course true native 4K textures, but they still also profit from a contrast and brightness color correction i made on them. A example on image number 4.


Main files


This file is the mod`s main file and contains new brick, wood, cloth and vegetation textures completelynew or at least in 4K resolution with corrected brightness and contrast. It only changes textures in the base game for now.


Are all textures made from you?
Of course not, would be way to much work and not manageable for a single person,especially if you don`t even get paid for it :) Yes this mod stays free at least as long as I live. Textures wich are not made by me have sources around the web wich you can find in the Readme section!

Does this mod cost any performance?
Cant say that 100% surely because for now in the first versions only some textures get an nice 4K update. But if more get added over time it will definitelycost performance.

What to do for best results ingame and make this mod more stable?
First of all install and set up UGOM, than set you grafic card memory in the unser.settings file up to at least 75% of your VRAM up (read here)
For example i have an GTX 970 with 4GB VRAM. In the user.settings file I wrote to the memory 3500MB availableto use for the texture, I warn you this mod has huge 4K textures and otherwise you will get instability and your game could crash!
For a better LOD please just install the newest "UrealLOD" from hereand make sure that it has a lower prioritythan my mod!

How to install:
For Nexusmodmanager users just download it via the butten should work completely automatically.
For manual users: extract the folder in the zip archive into your mod folder in your Witcher 3 installation path as always.

Will this mod ever get finished?
Actually I cant say or promise anything but i will promise you a lot of updates in the future, wich will of course take its time to be made.

My game doesn`t start, stucks in the task manager and doesn´t open!
Use the Mod Merger and merge texture mods together because The Witcher 3 has an mod limit wich we all don`t know why it exists and how to fix it otherwise.

Your mod produces scrpt errors for me at the start up!
No it doesn´t because it only replaces textures, 100% sure. Other mods will be the reason for them. Make sure that your other mods are compatible with your game version and otherwise try to merge the scripts via the Script Merger.

Additional notes maybe for someone here interesting:
- I don´t how if the mod can get as huge as it can get (file size) because otherwise in the future the game wouldn`t even load with only this mod installed. If that happens i will definitely try to make this mod a DLC and not a normal mod, if that would help.
- Higher textures than 4K aren´t possible of me because as i wrote my wcc_lite doens`t wants to convert textures wich are in 4097x4097 or higher so no 5K, 8k or better textures for you from me ;)
- If you have any 4K texture made by your self and wan´t to have it in my mod send it to me. I will need a lot of textures for this mod, credits etc. no problem. Doesn`t matter if the file already exists in this mod or you make a completely new one for other texture!
- Currently this mod only effects textures in the base game, Hos and BaW textures will be added someday in the future!
- I will maybe add some ingame comparison screenshots in the future.

Changelog: (Moved to the tab "Changes")

About meI'm Ju5ti (username is "Ju5ti on Nexusmods") and an for years active modder
in the Witcher 3 scene. I usually don't take requests for new mods and
mostly concentrate on fun mods to make your playthrough unique and fun!
My wcc_lite still makes problems, my coding skills are on noob level and
I know almost nothing about 3d modeling, but my fantasy &
creativity is hopefully enough for some fun stuff with the mod editor ;)

I'm also active on other parts on the web, including a youtube channel
& nsfw stuff with video games like The Witcher series & more!
Check out my cryto donation options & much more on my link overview

You are warmly welcome to leave feedback, critism, bugs and other stuff in
the comment section! What I enjoy the most: Seeing people using my
mod(s) with fan made pictures and videos!

Excuse me my english, it's still not my native language, I'm learning every day

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Thank you for reading, downloading, using, endorsing etc., have a nice day and until next time!

The Ultra High Definition Project (2024)


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