KYRRE stool, birch - IKEA (2024)

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This all-round stool with three bent legs comes to rescue when unexpected guests pop by or you need an extra space to place your book or drink.

A 3-legged stool will never wobble, even if the floor surface is uneven, because all 3 legs rest upon the surface where it stands.

Stackable, so you can have a few on the side for extra guests without taking up too much space.


C Styrbjörn/M Axelsson

  • Recommended for indoor use only.

    Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

    To prevent surface scratches, add FIXA floor protectors, sold separately.

  • Material



    This stool has been tested for public use and meets the requirements for safety, durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 16139-Level 1 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

    Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

    For increased stability, re-tighten the screws about two weeks after assembly and when necessary.

  • This stool has been tested for public use and meets the requirements for safety, durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 16139-Level 1 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

  • Assembly instructions

    KYRRE Stool604.169.25


Tested for:243 lb

Width:16 1/2 "

Depth:18 7/8 "

Height:17 3/4 "

Seat width:13 3/8 "

Seat depth:13 3/4 "

  • KYRREStoolArticle Number604.169.25

    Width:16 ¾ "

    Height:2 "

    Length:18 ¾ "

    Weight:5 lb 15 oz



Great multi-purpose stoolPatrickI was fortunate enough to find my stool in the "As Is" section of my IKEA store. It was a retired floor model and the blue paint was showing just a little wear in portions. I got it for half price and since it was a floor sample -- it was already assembled! I already own one of these stools and was looking for another. It is a great stool and occasional table. 5

ColorJudyI was wanting and needing this table in white as I have another in white. We will try painting it if does not fit right with the other patio furnishings. 5

LOVE THIS MULTI-use Chair/Seat/TablePamelaI love this so much that I now own 4 or 5. They stack, can be used as a seat or side table. Great for small spaces and versatility. LOVE this product. I have it in natural wood. I'm going for a Japandi style small condo.5

Nice additionFredFit nicely in the corner and look great5

Nice stoolBa..................................5

No better stool for $15VioletteBeautiful, if not million dollar stools. But super nice. Get them.5

Color and shape both greatJungminThe quality of this chair is not perfect but for this price it’s more than great!! It does not look cheap. It may get scratches easily. Wish they had it in green color too. 5

Stylish affordable table DaveI love this table! It’s solid birch plywood, hard to believe for the price. It makes for a great side table next to my Poang chair. Perfect height and size, couldn’t be happier 5

Excellent small stoolCharlotteSturdy enough to use as a temp side table. Light enough to move anywhere. Goes beautifully with all my other IKEA furniture.5

It's nicePatriciaFor less than $20 I wasn't expecting much, it was simple to put together, it's quite sturdy and you can use it for a table or stool to sit on, I weigh 138 lb I definitely wouldn't standing on it but it's a cute stool/table and for the price you can't beat it. And if you're someone who takes care of their items whether they're expensive or not like I do, it should last for years.4

SimpleLeahBeautiful, classic, simple. As described. Feels sturdy.5

Sturdy, good-looking & inexpensive stoolAnnGreat stool! Easy to assemble, sturdy, & a great price! I have one in the entryway & one I use as a plant stand.5

Perfect!WayneEasy to assemble. Bought three: one for each of our young grandchildren. Stenciled their names on the top. Looks like a personalized Easter egg stool! 5

Useful RaulGood product. 5

Excellent IrmaQuality is great. 5

Sturdy and attractiveJohnThe blue color is bright and clean. The stool is sturdy, and I like that the legs are far enough apart that my Roomba fits underneath. Reasonable price, too.5

Stackable stoolsBruceUseful small stools. Can also be used as a small table. Very stable.5

Defective StoolJoannaThe first two stools I purchased came as expected. The second two stools I purchased were defective. The wood on the legs was split and splintering. Replacement was better and quality was lacking. Quality control of products and packaging are severely compromised. Would recommend with reservations.2

Super practicalCalebEasy to store and works excellent as an end table for couch as well.5

Versatile and affordableJillLooks good. Practical to squeeze a few extra around the table. Also doubles as a side table when no one is sitting on it.5

KYRRE stool, birch - IKEA (2024)


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