Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (2024)

Types of Helpful Instagram Story Templates

We know how difficult it can be to browse Canva’s multitude of templates and not know where to start, especially when you’re running a small business. There are multiple, customizable templates that are worth trying out whenever you need to share updates with your followers.

Here are the top 10 types of helpful Instagram story templates on Canva:

  1. Limited-time promotions
  2. Product features
  3. Giveaways and contests
  4. Countdowns
  5. News, announcements & updates
  6. Blog post feature
  7. How-to stories
  8. Data and statistics
  9. Quotes and motivational captions
  10. Instagram story ad templates

1. Limited-Time Promotions

Limited-time promotions are a great way to promote your Stories. The notorious fear of missing out (FOMO) continues to motivate audiences to take action right away.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (1)

Instagram Story templates can be used to promote these limited-time offers, helping you capture attention and increase your engagement. Learn how to master text and images with Canva’s pre-mades.

2. Product Features

Your products deserve to be in the spotlight. Create beautiful templates and use modern design to your products’ advantage.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (2)

These three examples of fully customizable Canva templates detail the characteristics of your products in a way that is both persuasive and visual. The design elements are eye-catching and memorable.

3. Giveaways and Contests

Conduct Instagram giveaways and contests confidently and engage with your followers. You can use Instagram Story templates to promote your contests and share a link where users can enter the competition.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (3)

You can also showcase the prizes and offer daily reminders for when the promotion will end. As always, make sure to replace the given titles and captions with your own text.

4. Countdowns

Countdowns have become increasingly popular. Instagram Story templates allow you to create a countdown for upcoming events or milestones. Replace the text and images in a way you see fit.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (4)

Countdowns are important because they fuel excitement among your followers. You can also use the Countdown sticker and allow your audience to save the date for later.

5. News, Announcements & Updates

Instagram feeds are becoming a thing of the past. 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (5)

Share updates and announcements on Instagram is quickly becoming the perfect way to reach your followers. Thankfully, there are a number of Instagram Story templates available that can help you achieve this goal.

6. Blog Post Feature

In need of more templates? Here are some great Instagram Story designs for promoting a new blog post and engaging with your followers.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (6)

Start creating informative templates that allows your followers to get engaged with your latest blog posts.

7. How-to Stories

Informative and educational content will always stay relevant. In fact, it’s evergreen. How-to stories are the perfect idea if you want to keep your audiences engaged.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (7)

Make sure to customize your how-to templates with bold fonts, attractive photos, and eye-catching listicles. Save them to your Highlights so that they can be easily accessed by your followers.

8. Data and Statistics

Instagram Story templates can be enhanced with statistics because they provide your followers with an interesting and visually appealing way to learn more about your brand, products, or services.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (8)

Stories are the perfect way to share those stats in a creative way. With Instagram Story templates, you can create stunning graphics that highlight facts and figures related to your business.

9. Quotes and Motivational Captions

Share inspiring quotes with your Instagram followers and provide your audience with their daily dose of motivation. Replace the existing quotes with your own text and create stunning visuals for your socials.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (9)

Create beautiful visuals that allow you to emphasize the message of your inspirational Stories and impress your followers with your ability to propel positivity.

10. Instagram Story Ad Templates

Sharing ads via Instagram Stories is an effective strategy to reach more customers that already follow you and have a higher conversion probability. Use professional designs that features bold visuals and strategic text to better highlight the promotion, discount code, voucher, etc.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (10)

Advertising on Instagram can be a breeze once you start using Instagram story templates for your next ads. If you’re a small business, templates will give your competitors a run for their money.

The Best Free Instagram Story Templates Sources Available

To make your work easier, you’ll need to bookmark some awesome resources for future reference.

Here are the best free Instagram Story templates sources available:

  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • InVideo
  • Kapwing
  • Freepik

1. Canva

Canva is a powerful graphic design tool that makes creating Instagram Story templates very easy.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (11)

With Canva, you can create Instagram Stories and customize your fonts, colors, images, and videos. You can also access the Canva library of pre-made Instagram Story templates, graphics, and stock photos that help you create Instagram Stories in a matter of minutes.

2. PicMonkey

One of the leading sources is PicMonkey. This Shutterstock-powered website that allows you to create Instagram Stories with stylishly designed templates.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (12)

Plus, it allows you to add text, textures, and even your own photos to the templates. Make your Instagram Stories look just how you want them to.

3. InVideo

With InVideo, you can customize existing templates in a matter of minutes and share new Stories in style.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (13)

InVideo’s drag-and-drop editor lets you customize your Instagram Stories quickly, ensuring that the final result is flawless.

4. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free online tool that offers free and customizable templates for your future stories. Their static and video templates are great for brands and creators who wish to engage their Instagram audience.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (14)

With Kapwing, you can create and customize your Instagram Story with text, images, videos, stickers, and more – all in one place.

5. Freepik

Freepik has a large selection of high-quality story template vectors that are designed to help you create memorable Instagram stories. If you love Photoshop, this is the resource for you.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (15)

The designs come with customizable elements such as fonts, colors, sizes, logos, and backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Get Templates for Instagram Stories?

You can get templates for your Instagram Stories by using resources like Canva, PicMonkey, InVideo, Kapwing, or Freepik or by creating your own Instagram Story template from scratch.

2. Can You Use Layout for Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can use Layout for Instagram Stories. To start, access the Instagram app, tap the Plus (+) button on your Story, select Camera, and select Layout from the left-side menu.

3. Which App Is Best for Creating Instagram Stories?

At the moment, the best app for creating Instagram Stories is Canva. Its free templates are fully customizable, easy to download, and quick to share.

Start Creating Engaging Stories With Less Effort

Instagram Story templates can be used to create visually appealing stories, encourage conversations with followers, reach a wider audience, and even promote products. There are plenty of free Instagram Story template sources available online.

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Access free, customizable Instagram Story templates for quicker content creation.

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (16)

Free Instagram Story Templates & How to Create Your Own (2024)


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